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Brewed & Bottled

Brewed and bottled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in North Carolina. Great America was born from tradition and raised by a new breed of greatness. This new beverage brings the taste of the past and combines in with a modern attitude to give it a flavor all it’s own. What really sets us apart is that the greatness is available for all to enjoy. Find us in a convenience store or market near you.

Carolina Clear beverage

Carolina Clear

With its smooth taste, Carolina Clear is as crisp as its original predecessors.

Apple Pie beverage

Apple Pie

Nothing says true Americana like Apple Pie.

Peach beverage


When you take a bite out of this peach, it bites back.

Strawberry beverage


Nothing finer than the taste of a sweet strawberry…

Lemonade beverage


Every once in a while, you need a fresh squeeze. Not too sweet, not to tart, its just right.

Blueberry beverage

Red White & Blueberry

Show your pride with a jar of Red, White & Blueberry. Now that’s America.

Pumpkinpie beverage

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie is your go-to fall seasonal, no baking required.

Watermelon beverage


New Spring Seasonal. Refreshing flavor without the seeds.

Find Greatness

Please remember to always think and drink responsibly